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Ethnic wear Distributor in Bangalore

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Urban Apparels logo

63 Products


Sells: Girls set, Tshirt, Others, Shirt, Jacket, Ethnic wear, Others, Others, Others, Jeans, Track suits, Tshirt, Night wear, Sweatshirt, Boys set, Girl top, Bra, Trackpants, T-shirt, Women jacket, Women tracksuits, Kurti, Trousers/pants, Top, Shorts

Srivel fashions logo

27 Products


Sells: Others, Girl top, Boys set, Hoodie, Tshirt, Night wear, Girls set, Top, Trouser

Sri Gokul fabric logo

89 Products


Sells: Skirt, Others, Leggings, Others, Top, Others, Girl top, Bra, Lehenga, Gown, Dhoti

Sells: Top, Others, Kurta set, Kurti, Others, Night suit, Dupatta set, Jeans, Saree, Girls set, Dress, Suits and dress material, Lehenga, Shrug, Others, Leggings, Palazzo, Nighty, Gown

Sells: Night wear, Girl top, Others, Top, Tshirt, Hoodie, Leggings, Jeans, Tshirt

Brunda sarees logo

606 Products


Sells: Kurti, Saree, Others, Kurta set, Tshirt, Girls set, Boys set, Tshirt, Frock, Gown, Dress, Suits and dress material, Lehenga, Ethnic wear

Manjall Trends logo

3199 Products


Sells: Hoodie, Shirt, Shorts, Saree, Kurta, Tshirt, Kurti, Gown, Trousers/pants, Blouse, Sweatshirt, Trackpants, Kurta set, Night suit, Girls set, Jacket, Socks, Track suits, Dupatta set, Suits and dress material, Top, Boys set, Night wear, Tshirt

Clothing logo

28 Products


Sells: Others, Top, Boys set, Trousers/pants, Tshirt, Girl top, Shirt, Girls set, Kurti, Others, Kurta set, Frock


407 Products


Sells: Trousers/pants, Suits and dress material, Bra, Boys set, Jeans, Ethnic wear, Night suit, Lehenga, Underwear, Others, Others, Others, Shirt, Apparel Fabrics, Frock, Socks, Tshirt, Saree, Others, Kurti, Kurta, Others, Girls set, Kurta set, Gown, Suit, Dress, Bedsheet

Rithin collection logo

19 Products


Sells: Lehenga, Top, Shrug, Women tracksuits, Frock, Girls set, Women jacket, Kurta set, Saree

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Women's Ethnic wear (saree, kurti, salwar, lahengas and shawls)

Men's Shirts, Tshirts, Jeans and Trousers

Towel, Bedsheet and House Textiles

Home & Night Dresses (Boxers, Lungi, Nighties)

Men's Traditional wear (Kurta, Pyjama, Dhoti etc.)

Apparel Fabrics

Women's innerwear (Under-garments)

Laces, Needles, threads and Accessories

Socks, Leggings and Stockings

Clothing and Fabric Chemicals

Industrial Fabrics

Men's Innerwear (Under-garments)


Commercial and Academic Uniforms

Yarn and Threads

Mosquito and Insect Nets

Umbrellas and Raincoats



1. How can Anar help you in finding the top ethnic wear distributors in Bangalore?

Anar is the largest B2B network in India with many ethnic wear distributors in Bangalore. Download the app to find out about them

2. Do ethnic wear distributors in Bangalore offer discounts?

Yes, many ethnic wear distributors in Bangalore offer discounts. You can chat with them on Anar and find out their terms and conditions.

3. How can Anar help you in finding the latest ethnic wear products in Bangalore?

Suppliers on Anar upload their products which you can check on their profiles, and then chat or call the supplier to buy.

4. Do ethnic wear distributors on Anar offer doorstep delivery?

Yes, many ethnic wear distributors on Anar offer doorstep delivery. To know more, you can chat or call them on Anar app.

5. Do ethnic wear distributors on Anar offer COD?

It is a common trend to offer COD (Cash on Delivery) these days, and many ethnic wear distributors on Anar offer COD. To learn more, you can chat with them on Anar app.

Know More about Ethnic wear Distributor in Bangalore

Top Ethnic Wear Distributors in Bangalore

Ethnic wear is one of the most popular choices of clothing among women in India. It is not only comfortable but also stylish and makes a woman look graceful. So, you must choose the Ethnic wear distributors to choose the best clothes for you. When you purchase ethnic wear from a wholesaler, you can avail better discounts as compared to purchasing from a retailer. This is because the retailer has to incur additional costs like rent, salaries, and other overheads, which are passed on to the customer. It is better to consider Ethnic wear distributors in Bangalore to pay low price. Ethnic wear is available in a wide range of designs, colors, and fabrics. You can choose from a variety of Kurtis, Salwar Kameez, Sarees, Lehengas, and Dupattas made from high quality fiber. Ethnic wear distributors offers a wide variety of fabrics and ensures a great deal in clothing. To connect with different suppliers of ethnic wear, you must use the Anar app. It is a business community which can help you connect with the ethnic wear distributors so that you can have a wide range of clothing to choose from.

Popular Categories of Ethnic-Wear in Bangalore

Ethnic-wear is clothing that is typically worn by people who identify with a particular ethnic group. It can be traditional or modern in style, and is often associated with certain cultural events or festivals. Ethnic-wear is not just limited to traditional clothing – it can also include contemporary styles that have been influenced by a particular culture. There are different types of ethic wear that you can buy like: - Kids Lehenga - Kuta Pajama - Dhoti Kurta - Ghagra Choli - Saree - Sherwani - Kurti - Salwaar Kameez - Anarkali Suit - Pathani Suit Let's dive deep into the types of Ethnic-wear:

Kurta Pyjama

The cotton kurta pyjama is ideal for the sweltering summers. It will keep the wearer comfortable and cool during the hot weather.

Dhoti Kurta

Your boys don’t have to arrive at a function in clothes they’d wear to the mall. Consider buying dhoti kurti.

Ghagra Choli

Ghagra Choli is a beautiful party dress for your kid. The designs, textures, and colours give you the opportunity to but them at


The Saree is not just an ethnic wear for women, they are also an enthic wear for children.


The sherwani is designed for both party and formal events. Besides that, your child can also wear it during family get-togethers and festivals as well.


Ethnic wea, such as Kurtis for kids is a great way to introduce them to their heritage. They will not wear them but also learn about its origins.

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