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2112 Products


Sells: Skirt, Kurta set, Frock, Clothing and Fabric Chemicals, Industrial Fabrics, Nighty, Palazzo, Gown, Apparel Fabrics, Kurti, Girl top, Dress, Bedsheet, Top, Saree, Suits and dress material, Dupatta set

Sells: Top, Dress, Gown, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, Others, Women jacket, Jacket, Night suit, Skirt, Jeans, Jumpsuit, Sweater, Others

It's Me logo

1270 Products


Sells: Others, Others, Shrug, Night suit, Lehenga, Kurta, Socks, Others, Others, Tshirt, Boys set, Saree, Dress, Skirt, Others, Others, Kurti, Top, Frock, Trousers/pants, Gown, Shirt, Shorts, Others, Women sweater


1311 Products


Sells: Top, Saree, Night suit, Lehenga, Others, Boys set, Kurti, T-shirt, Others, Hoodie, Tshirt, Shorts, Track suits, Skirt, Kurta, Trouser, Others, Suits and dress material, Dupatta set, Masks, PPE and Covid related, Kurta set, Trackpants, Others, Girls set, Umbrellas and Raincoats, Ethnic wear, Frock, Shirt, Leggings, Dress, Jacket, Gown, Tshirt, Blouse, Jeans, Girl top, Dhoti


88 Products


Sells: Skirt, Kurta set

Monis Boutique House logo

65 Products


Sells: Palazzo, Skirt, Frock, Top

Rang Pahervesh logo

660 Products


Sells: Top, Blouse, Kurta set, Gown, Kurti, Saree, Lehenga, Others, Suits and dress material, Dress, Jumpsuit, Palazzo, Others, Skirt, Night suit, Dupatta set, Kurta, Others


1290 Products


Sells: Lehenga, Saree, Kurta set, Others, Blouse, Gown, Kurti, Suits and dress material, Skirt

Fashion villa logo

1610 Products


Sells: Dupatta set, Dress, Suits and dress material, Saree, Women sweater, Kurti, Skirt, Top, Kurta, Others, Lehenga, Shirt, Tshirt, Kurta set, Night suit, Nighty, Others, Blouse, Women jacket, Clothing and Fabric Chemicals

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59 Products


Sells: Cargo, Jeans, Skirt, Shorts

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Women's Ethnic wear (saree, kurti, salwar, lahengas and shawls)

Men's Shirts, Tshirts, Jeans and Trousers

Towel, Bedsheet and House Textiles

Home & Night Dresses (Boxers, Lungi, Nighties)

Men's Traditional wear (Kurta, Pyjama, Dhoti etc.)

Apparel Fabrics

Women's innerwear (Under-garments)

Laces, Needles, threads and Accessories

Socks, Leggings and Stockings

Clothing and Fabric Chemicals

Industrial Fabrics

Men's Innerwear (Under-garments)


Commercial and Academic Uniforms

Yarn and Threads

Mosquito and Insect Nets

Umbrellas and Raincoats



1. How can Anar help you in finding the top men's t-shirts manufacturers?

Anar is the largest B2B network in India with many men's t-shirts manufacturers. Download the app to find out about them

2. Do men's t-shirts manufacturers offer discounts?

Yes, many men's t-shirts manufacturers offer discounts. You can chat with them on Anar and find out their terms and conditions.

3. How can Anar help you in finding the latest men's t-shirts products?

Suppliers on Anar upload their products which you can check on their profiles, and then chat or call the supplier to buy.

4. Do men's t-shirts manufacturers on Anar offer doorstep delivery?

Yes, many men's t-shirts manufacturers on Anar offer doorstep delivery. To know more, you can chat or call them on Anar app.

5. Do men's t-shirts manufacturers on Anar offer COD?

It is a common trend to offer COD (Cash on Delivery) these days, and many men's t-shirts manufacturers on Anar offer COD. To learn more, you can chat with them on Anar app.

Know More about Tshirt Manufacturer

Top Men's T-Shirts Manufacturers in India

Over the years, the textile and fashion industry has witnessed significant growth. Wherever you look, be it an online store or a shopping mall, you’ll find top-quality, fashionable t-shirts at nominal prices. Thanks to the t-shirt manufacturers, all this is possible. What you shop at stores and wear daily is designed, produced, and supplied by these manufacturers. They source the most premium and high-quality fabrics to formulate your outfit solutions. If you recently stepped into the fashion business, you may want to create a strong impression. To be prominent as a fashion business, you’ll need to source the products from the top manufacturers in India via a seamless platform that will enable you to connect with them. Take no worries as the Anar - a Business Community app takes care of all your hassles and lets you connect with the industry’s top t-shirt manufacturers. Keep reading.

Popular Categories of Mens-T-Shirt in India

T-shirts are one of the most popular pieces of clothing in the world. They are comfortable, fashionable, and come in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you're looking for a casual top to wear around the house or a stylish shirt to wear out on the town, there's a t-shirt that's perfect for you. The most popular types of T-shirts that are available include: - Round Neck T-Shirts - Polo T-Shirts - Turtle Neck T-Shirts - Cotton T-shirts - Printed T-shirts - Sublimation T-shirts - Collar T-shirts - Plain T-shirts - Half sleeves T-shirts - Custom T-shirts - Striped T-shirts - Full sleeves T-shirts - Polyester T-shirts - Designer T-shirts - Hooded T-shirts - Sleeveless T-shirts - Lycra T-shirts - V-neck T-shirts - Knitted T-shirts - Poly cotton T-shirts - Casual T-shirts - Hosiery T-shirts - Tank T-shirts - 3D T-shirts - Graphic T-shirts - Pocket T-shirts - Boys T-shirts - Girlish T-shirts - Oversized T-shirts - Couple T-shirts - Gucci T-shirts - Balmain T-shirts - Tie-dye T-shirts - Black T-shirts - High-neck T-shirts - Half Sleeves T-shirts - Casual Wear T-shirts - Solid T-shirts The different types of T-shirts come at different prices. The prices of these t-shirts usually range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 150. The quality of the t-shirt also decides the price to some extent. Let's deep dive into the top-selling T-Shirt categories:

Round Neck T-Shirt

The striped round-neck t-shirts come in various unique designs and multi-color shades to magnify the outfit’s charm. 

Polo T-Shirt

Polo t-shirts for sportspersons like golf players are usually made from mercerized cotton, cotton-polyester blend, or polyester. 

Collared T-Shirt

The best-quality collared t-shirts with unique designs are ‘designer fashion’ items that meet the modern style trend. 

Printed T-Shirt

Printed t-shirts made with sublimation produce the best outcomes. It elevates the design and amplifies the color and design shades. 

Half-Sleeves T-Shirt

Half sleeves t-shirts come in a wide variety, are easy to style, and are great casual wear choices. 

Cotton T-Shirt

The best-in-class cotton t-shirts are stylish, comfortable, durable, affordable, and elegant. They are the symbol of ‘comfort designer fashion.’

Designer T-Shirts

Customized designer t-shirts have become the designer's fashion trend. From the company logo to taglines, shoppers can get anything on their t-shirts. 

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