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Shawl Reseller in Gurgaon

We haven't found many Shawl Reseller in Gurgaon

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900 Products


Sells: Saree, Kurta set, Kurti, Suits and dress material, Lehenga, Dupatta set, Dress, Palazzo, Others, Sweater, Top, Gown, Shawl, Jumpsuit, Sweatshirt, Suit, Women jacket, Women sweater, Stole

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Sells: Jeans, Lehenga, Top, Kurta set, Kurti, Dress, Saree, Jumpsuit, Girls set, Frock, Boys set, Suits and dress material, Shawl, Women jacket

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Sells: Shawl, Suits and dress material, Others

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Sells: Gown, Kurta set, Kurti, Saree, Dress, Dupatta set, Top, Others, Hoodie, Shawl

Sells: Shawl, Boys set, Lehenga, Saree

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Sells: Girls set, Saree, Underwear, Dupatta set, Boys set, Shawl, Shrug


3105 Products


Sells: Underwear, Girls set, Saree, Kurti, Dress, Bra, Kurta set, Lehenga, Nighty, Shirt, Trousers/pants, Boys set, Girl top, Frock, Tshirt, Jeans, Jeans, Blouse, Top, Dupatta set, Suits and dress material, Gown, Others, Underwear, Cargo, Ethnic wear, Tshirt, Trackpants, Bedsheet, Track suits, Night wear, Night suit, Others, Others, Shorts, Towel, Others, Others, Jeans, Hoodie, Jacket, Others, Women jacket, Palazzo, Shrug, Shawl, Stole, Others, Suit, Leggings

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Sells: Others, Doormat, Shawl, Others, Saree

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Sells: Top, Shirt, Shawl, Others, Sweatshirt


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Sells: Clothing, Garments, Fashion and Textiles

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1. How can Anar help you in finding the top shawl resellers in Gurgaon?

Anar is the largest B2B network in India with many shawl resellers in Gurgaon. Download the app to find out about them

2. Do shawl resellers in Gurgaon offer discounts?

Yes, many shawl resellers in Gurgaon offer discounts. You can chat with them on Anar and find out their terms and conditions.

3. How can Anar help you in finding the latest shawl products in Gurgaon?

Suppliers on Anar upload their products which you can check on their profiles, and then chat or call the supplier to buy.

4. Do shawl resellers on Anar offer doorstep delivery?

Yes, many shawl resellers on Anar offer doorstep delivery. To know more, you can chat or call them on Anar app.

5. Do shawl resellers on Anar offer COD?

It is a common trend to offer COD (Cash on Delivery) these days, and many shawl resellers on Anar offer COD. To learn more, you can chat with them on Anar app.

Know More about Shawl Reseller in Gurgaon

Top Shawl Resellers in Gurgaon

Shawls are a type of clothing that has been around for centuries. They are typically worn by women and are made from a variety of different materials, including wool, cotton, and silk. When choosing one for yourself, look for shawl resellers that can offer you a variety of different options. Shawls can be used for both warmth and fashion, and they are available in a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes. When you're shopping for a shawl, be sure to choose a high quality material option that will last you for many years to come. You must look on shawl resellers for a fair deal. The price of a shawl may not be as high as you think. You can actually find some very reasonably priced Shawl on the market if you know where to look. You should definitely consider shopping from a Shawl wholesaler in order to get the best possible price on your purchase like shawl resellers in Gurgaon. Anar is a great app that will help you to connect with multiple suppliers. You will be connected with the shawl resellers who can offer you the best quality products at the most competitive prices. It is free to use and you can get started right away by signing up for an account.

Popular Categories of Shawl in Gurgaon

When it comes to varieties in shawls, the different weaving traditions of India are reflected well. While shawls are designed to keep you warm during the cold winters, they can elevate an outfit to a considerable extent. Each type of shawl found in India features motifs influenced by the region from which it belongs. The shawls come with a story of their region of origin or the weaving community. The myriad shawls in India are as follows: - Pashmina Shawl - Cashmere Shawl - Woollen Lohi Shawl - Kalamkari Shawl - Bhujodi Shawl - Kapadaganda Shawl - Kantha Shawl - Pattu Shawl - Himroo Shawl - Naga Shawl - Dhabla Shawl - Rabari Shawl From winter weddings to social gatherings, shawls look classy and elegant everywhere. The shawls from different regions are made using fabric suitable for the respective temperature conditions. In the northern parts of the country, wool is used to help beat the harsh winters. In southern India, shawls are made using light fabrics like cotton, silk, and jacquard. Let's dive deep into the top-selling categories of shawls:

Naga Shawl

Designer Naga shawls are weaved for both men and women in a wide variety of colours.

Bhujodi Shawl

The bhujodi shawls are woven in traditional pit looms by using a unique weaving technique.

Kantha Shawl

Since the Kantha embroidered shawls are entirely hand-made, they are a bit pricey but worth all the money.

Kalamkari Shawl

Besides using hand drawings, a designer kalamkari shawl also requires natural dyes to be brushed over the artwork.


Cashmere fibres for weaving Pashmina shawls are acquired during the summers and processed further to bring out the final product.

Pattu Shawl

The speciality of designer pattu shawls is that the colour of the extra weft contrasts with the base cloth.

Himroo Shawl

The origin of the woven fabric of himroo shawls dates back to the time when Mohammad Tughluq reigned Aurangabad.

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