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Sells: Saree, Kurti, Gown, Kurta set, Suits and dress material, Girls set, Lehenga, Skirt, Top

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1261 Products


Sells: Saree, Kurta set, Dupatta set, Others, Gown, Others, Lehenga, Kurti, Kurta, Shirt, Top, Others, Girls set, Suits and dress material, Skirt, Ethnic wear

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114 Products


Sells: Saree, Lehenga, Dress, Skirt, Kurti, Kurta set, Gown

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1809 Products


Sells: Bra, Blouse, Lehenga, Gown, Kurta set, Saree, Top, Kurti, Trackpants, Others, Dress, Others, Others, Dupatta set, Suits and dress material, Skirt, Hoodie, Others, Underwear, Sweatshirt

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384 Products


Sells: Lehenga, Blouse, Skirt, Saree, Kurti, Gown, Suits and dress material, Jumpsuit

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194 Products


Sells: Skirt, Lehenga, Others, Suits and dress material, Saree, Kurti, Kurta set, Gown, Jeans, Night suit, Dupatta set, Others, Top, Night wear, Kurta, Jeans, Ethnic wear, Dress, Women tracksuits


15031 Products


Sells: Suits and dress material, Saree, Jumpsuit, Others, Shirt, Kurta set, Kurti, Dress, Gown, Lehenga, Top, Dupatta set, Nighty, Tshirt, Hoodie, Blouse, Girl top, Girls set, Sweatshirt, Cargo, Palazzo, Track suits, Others, Jeans, Trouser, Trackpants, Skirt, Trousers/pants, Frock, Laces, Needles, threads and Accessories, Jacket

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4197 Products


Sells: Kurta set, Suits and dress material, Others, Dupatta set, Lehenga, Saree, Dress, Kurti, Ethnic wear, Gown, Women tracksuits, Suit, Bedsheet, Kurta, Blouse, Others, Others, Skirt, Women trackpant, Trouser, Towel, Palazzo, Top, Night suit, Track suits, Jeans, Shrug, Nighty

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39 Products


Sells: Others, Lehenga, Frock, Skirt, Girls set, Tshirt


1556 Products


Sells: Girls set, Suits and dress material, Top, Frock, Dress, Lehenga, Saree, Cargo, Kurti, Ethnic wear, Girl top, Kurta set, Palazzo, Gown, Dupatta set, Others, Others, Others, Track suits, Boys set, Blouse, Night wear, Skirt, Shrug

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Women's Ethnic wear (saree, kurti, salwar, lahengas and shawls)

Men's Shirts, Tshirts, Jeans and Trousers

Towel, Bedsheet and House Textiles

Home & Night Dresses (Boxers, Lungi, Nighties)

Men's Traditional wear (Kurta, Pyjama, Dhoti etc.)

Apparel Fabrics

Women's innerwear (Under-garments)

Laces, Needles, threads and Accessories

Socks, Leggings and Stockings

Clothing and Fabric Chemicals

Industrial Fabrics

Men's Innerwear (Under-garments)


Commercial and Academic Uniforms

Yarn and Threads

Mosquito and Insect Nets

Umbrellas and Raincoats



1. How can Anar help you in finding the top skirt wholesalers in Surat?

Anar is the largest B2B network in India with many skirt wholesalers in Surat. Download the app to find out about them

2. Do skirt wholesalers in Surat offer discounts?

Yes, many skirt wholesalers in Surat offer discounts. You can chat with them on Anar and find out their terms and conditions.

3. How can Anar help you in finding the latest skirt products in Surat?

Suppliers on Anar upload their products which you can check on their profiles, and then chat or call the supplier to buy.

4. Do skirt wholesalers on Anar offer doorstep delivery?

Yes, many skirt wholesalers on Anar offer doorstep delivery. To know more, you can chat or call them on Anar app.

5. Do skirt wholesalers on Anar offer COD?

It is a common trend to offer COD (Cash on Delivery) these days, and many skirt wholesalers on Anar offer COD. To learn more, you can chat with them on Anar app.

Know More about Skirt Wholesaler in Surat

Top Skirt Wholesalers in Surat

Skirts are a wardrobe staple for women of all ages and can be worn in a variety of ways. Whether you're looking for a casual skirt to wear on a sunny day or a formal skirt to wear to a special event, there's sure to be a skirt that's perfect for you at skirt wholesalers in Surat. Skirt usually range upto Rs.100 making it affordable for many and also the quality is not compromised as it is good. Although, you may get them at less price if you buy them from a wholesaler in bulk. Differnt varities can be found on skirts wholesalers. When buying a skirt, always look for one that is made from high quality material such as cotton or linen. Skirts made from synthetic materials are not as breathable and can be uncomfortable to wear in warm weather. The skirts wholesalers guarantees you with premium quality skirts that are both comfortable and stylish. To make a choice among different suppliers, it is best to use the Anar app to get connected with industry's top skirt wholesalers in Surat. With the help of the app, you can easily compare prices and find the best deals on skirts in no time.

Popular Categories of Skirt in Surat

A skirt is not just tube-shaped clothes hanging down from the waist, but it is very versatile, which makes the wearer sophisticated, stylish, warm, feminine, flirty, stylish, prim & proper, and daring – depending on its make and model. You can make a skirt on your own by searching for the right pattern and fabric to create the perfect style for your figure and a fashion statement. The following list is just a few of the types of skirts and variety available: - Long Skirt - Designer Skirt - Cotton Skirt - Printed Skirt - Girls Skirt - Short Skirts - Embroidered Skirt - Mini Skirt - Silk Skirt - Rayon Skirt - Wool Skirt - Batik Skirt - Beach mini Skirt - Beach Skirt - Mid-length skirt - Layered Skirt - High waist Skirt - Woven Skirt - Frill Skirt - Knitted Skirt - Satin Skirt - Formal Skirt - Party wear Skirt - Denim mini Skirt - Gypsy Skirt - Leather Skirt - Casual Skirt - Crochet Skirt - Long Skirt - Top Skirt - Pencil Skirt - Pleated Skirt - Mini Skirt - Denim Skirt - Cancan Skirt - Short Skirt - Party wear skirt - Black Skirt - Rayon Skirt - Cotton Skirt - Crepe Skirt - Polyester Skirt - Net Skirt - Georgette Skirt Let’s dive deep into the top-selling Skirts's categories:

Long Skirts

Long skirts are a great addition to a woman’s formal wear closet. Block heels make long skirts more formal.

Silk Skirts

The charm of a printed and colorful silk skirt comes from its shimmery and glamorous fabric.

Denim Mini Skirts

Washed denim mini skirts look incredible with a crop top or a t-shirt tucked in.

Cotton Skirts

Informal cotton skirts have a playful nature and come with flares, ruffles and bright prints

Embroidered Skirts

Embroidered skirts are available in different lengths from midi to maxi and in different fabrics like cotton and silk.

Rayon Skirts

A midi rayon skirt with a flared fit can go incredibly well with kurtas or blouses and stone jewelry.

Beach Skirts

A high-quality beach mini skirt made out of chiffon can transform any woman into a diva.

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