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Wholesale Blouse in Kolkata

Ikkat blouse 330

Ikkat blouse

Durga blouse 0

Durga blouse

Bengali Silk Saree With Blouse Piece  399

Bengali Silk Saree With Blouse Piece

Cotton silk saree with blouse piece  369

Cotton silk saree with blouse piece

Jacquad Silk Saree With Blouse Piece  449

Jacquad Silk Saree With Blouse Piece

Satin Saree With jacquad Blouse  300

Satin Saree With jacquad Blouse

Satin Saree With jacquad Blouse  300

Satin Saree With jacquad Blouse

Satin Saree With jacquad Blouse  300

Satin Saree With jacquad Blouse

Satin Saree With jacquad Blouse  300

Satin Saree With jacquad Blouse

Satin Saree With jacquad Blouse  300

Satin Saree With jacquad Blouse


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1. What is the cost of wholesale blouse for B2B buying in Kolkata?

The cost of wholesale blouse starts anywhere from Rs 50 to Rs 100 and can go as high as Rs 5000.

2. How can Anar help you in finding the latest blouse in Kolkata?

Wholesale suppliers on Anar upload their products which you can check on their profiles, and then chat or call the supplier to buy.

3. Do wholesale suppliers on Anar offer COD?

Yes, as it is a common trend to offer COD (Cash on Delivery) these days, and many wholesale suppliers on Anar offer COD.

4. Do sellers on Anar offer doorstep delivery?

Yes, many suppliers of blouse on Anar offer doorstep delivery. To know more, you can chat or call them on Anar.

5. Can wholesale suppliers on Anar offer customized blouse?

If the quantity required is in bulk, then the supplier may offer customized blouse. Chat with these suppliers on Anar to know more.

Know More about Wholesale Blouse in Kolkata

Best Wholesale Blouse in Kolkata

Blouses are paired with many attires by the ladies. It can be worn with sarees, lehengas, and skirts. The most typical way to wear it is often witnessed along with sarees. It comes in different colours, quality and styles. A trendy combination of the colour of the blouse with the colour of the saree is a must. For instance, a dark-hued blouse goes well with a light-shaded saree. It is considered airy and comfortable by ladies. Donning one in broad daylight while doing chores is common in Indian households. Blouses in different designs can be easily purchased from the wholesale market. The designs and the colours cater to the needs and requirements of the buyer. The backless, strapless and cutting designs on the back of the blouse have become a style statement among ladies. The designer blouse can also be brought from the wholesale market at a low price. For high-quality blouses of a specific colour and design, the wholesale market would be the best option to purchase them from the Kolkata. Blouses are available at different price ranges starting from Rs.100, and as per the designs and quality, they may extend to Rs.200. Draping the pleats of the saree around the shoulder gives an elegant look. But the blouse enhances the look of the saree. Purchasing lots from the wholesale market of the desired size, colour and quality for Kolkata would be an intelligent move.

Popular Categories of Blouse in Kolkata

Blouses, when donned along with other set pieces, accentuates the look. The day is set for the lady to slay at the event. Blouses are pretty famous for the designs that are provided on the backside. The deep-cut neck design of the blouse receives many praises from others. Check out some trendy blouse designs readily available in the wholesale market: - Deep or V neck Blouse Design - High Neck Saree Blouse Design - Lacework Saree Blouse Design - Strappy Saree blouse Design - Mirror Work Saree Blouse Design - Cape Saree Blouse Design - U-Neck Saree Blouse Design - Boat Neck Saree Blouse Design - Strapless Blouse Design - Sweetheart Neck Saree Blouse Design - Sheer Strap Saree Blouse Design - Cutout Neck Saree Blouse Design - Jacket Inspired Saree Blouse Design - Halter Neck Saree Blouse Design - Belted Saree Blouse Design A perfect fit blouse design can be availed from the wholesale market starting from the range of Rs.100. Let's dive into the most famous blouse categories:

Pure Cotton Blouse

Ikat print cotton blouses with ruffle sleeves are quite trendy and available in different hues.

Raw Silk Blouse

Raw silk designer blouses often feature a tassel with a dazzling latkan that make them more appealing.

Georgette Blouse

Georgette designer blouses are woven using tightly twisted s-twist and z-twist yarns, which create the puckered appearance.

Net Blouse

Bollywood has made designer net blouses massively popular among Indian women. They are available in different designs and cuts.

Designer Blouse

The Designer blouses do not just come in simple patterns and have one colour, but are available in a plethora of shades and designs.

Velvet Blouse

Velvet blouses often feature intricate thread work and stone design on the back. They are puffed sleeves.

Satin Blouse

Satin blouses have a shiny and soft side. The other side looks dull because of the warp and weft threads.

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