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Who is Anar forWho is Anar for
Who is Anar for?
Are you a Small and Medium Business in India?
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If you're an SMB in India looking to take your business to the next level, Anar B2B Portal is the platform for you! We know that as a business owner, you face unique challenges in expanding your reach and growing your business. With Anar, you can showcase your products to the entire world, discover new markets, and source high-quality products from trusted suppliers. Whether you're a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer, Anar provides the support and resources you need to succeed in the world of big eCommerce players eating away your business

How Manufacturers build relationships and sell products on Anar?
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Growing your business can be difficult as an SMB manufacturer in India. Anar B2B is here to help! Our platform offers a simple approach to connecting with customers, growing your presence, and exposing your items to the world. Use Anar’s powerful features, such as Anar Chat, Anar Safe Deal, and Anar Wholesale Bazaar, to your advantage to help your business succeed.

How Wholesalers use Anar?
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For wholesalers in India, Anar is the perfect platform to increase your customer base and grow your business. Our platform provides free and easy access to a wide network of buyers and sellers from around the world, allowing you to source high-quality products at best prices and connect with potential customers.

How Retailers use Anar to source their products?
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Buyers can find a wide range of suppliers on Anar, covering a broad range of industries and product categories. With a powerful search engine, and user-friendly interface, Anar makes it easy for buyers to discover new suppliers, compare prices and products, and find the best deals for their business needs

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Testimonials for Anar Business App
Top Rated Testimonial for Anar B2B Business App
User Reviews of Anar B2B Business App
Baheti Garments
Baheti Garments
Wholesaler • Bangalore
We have been working with Anar for over 3 years. We got to connect, chat, and do business with a lot of buyers. We have over 7000 businesses followers on the app. Anar is one of the best b2b wholesale apps in India where indian products are available on the platform at low price.
Rasm Sarees
Rasm Sarees
Retailer • Mumbai
Earlier, I used to buy products from nearby areas. With Anar, It is very easy to buy products from wholesalers from all over India. I found many varieties of products that I couldn’t find from my existing suppliers. Because of low prices, there was a 40% growth in my monthly profits. Anar as a b2b business app in india dominates the wholesale clothing market.
Full Stitch
Full Stitch
Retailer • Mumbai
Anar is the best online app in indian market. Ever since I got to know about Anar from Facebook, my life became simple. I found 8-10 good suppliers with wide range of products. They offer 15-20% lower prices than my existing suppliers. I keep seeing their products on feed. When I like a variety, I can easily give an order.
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